Ca circule sur internet : Guns stolen in burglary at firearms store Frontier Justice in Kansas City, Kansas

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Texte :

Kansas City, Kansas, police on Wednesday were investigating a break-in at firearms dealer Frontier Justice where several guns were taken.

Nine firearms were reported stolen after a burglar gained entry after hours. A stolen car was used to ram a gate at the store, located in the Legends shopping district at 10000 France Family Drive, according to authorities and the business.

In a statement, Jason Wagner, president of Frontier Justice, said the business was working closely with police “to apprehend the thief as quickly as possible.”

He added that Frontier Justice, which has another store in Lee’s Summit, is focused on maintaining safety and security.

“We aim to be an industry leader in these areas,” Wagner said. “We have worked hard to create a safe and secure store environment, and we will continue to work hard to refine and improve our security measures and procedures to address new and advanced criminal tactics in order to keep stolen firearms out of criminal hands.”

The Kansas City, Kansas, store was closed for maintenance Wednesday.

Police were alerted shortly before midnight to a tripped alarm, said Nancy Chartrand, a police department spokeswoman. As of Wednesday, investigators continued to search for a stolen Kia used in the burglary.

No one was in police custody.

Thefts of Kia vehicles have spiked in Kansas City and across the nation in recent years due to a security flaw that allows car thieves to start vehicles with simple tools like a screwdriver and USB cable.

Chartrand said Wednesday that the police department continues to offer steering-wheel locks for Kia models as KCKPD and other area agencies have taken preventative steps to address the surge in thefts of that make.

The Star’s Glenn E. Rice contributed to this report.

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